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Mauritia Mack by Leonardo
Mauritia Mack by LEONARDO

The charity jewel collection Mauritia Mack by LEONARDO exists since 2010. Each year, two jewel collections which are sold all around Europe. In Europa-Park, you will find those in the LEONARDO shops in the German and French themed areas as well as in the shops of the Europa-Park hotels.
For each sold jewel, LEONARDO donates a fixed amount of the profits to worldwide child-care projects selected by Mauritia Mack.
Thanks to the sale of the charity jewel-collection in 2017, a cheque of 20,000 Euros has been handed over to school “Mon Devoir”, situated at the North of Lomé in Togo. The aim is to help all children living in the poor and under-developed area of Zongo to access to an appropriate education from kindergarten to A-levels, and to hope for better professional future. A kindergarten will be built with the donations.
In 2018, the paediatric clinic Ortenau in Offenburg will be supported. The guest lounges for the parents, the polyclinic emergency rooms as well as the functional rooms must be renovated and/or adapted to children. Special training of the medical and nursing teams will also be supported: it will focus primarily on the care of newborns and premature infants, and the support of their families.
Thank you for your kind support.

Sincerely yours,

Mauritia Mack

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